Create Window Installer For Java Application using Freeware

There are two steps:

1)     In order to use open source, I have to use Lauch4J to wrap Java applications distributed as jars in lightweight Windows native executable. For example, Lauch4J will create BulkExport.exe based on BulkExport.jar. JSmooth is also a good tool, but is little out of date and we also need to write the ANT script. Lauch4J is strictly a GUI tool.

2)     Use Advanced Installer. This is a unified package containing the complete Advanced Installer application, which includes Freeware, ProfessionalFor JavaEnterprise, and Architect. Freeware features can be accessed at any time by creating a project of type “Simple”

We create a Simple project packing it into MSI window installer file, such as BulkExport.msi

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