Documentum D7, Java 7, Documentum Clients, and the Compatibilities

We are asked many times if Documentum will be capable of supporting Java Version 7, specifically the content server, webtop and the xPlore index server.

Documentum Version 7 (D7) was releases at 2012 Q4. The benefits include the performance improvement and Java 7 version support. D7 is using Intelligent Session Management (ISM) which allows several users to share the same connections at the same time.  Therefore, it reduces the number of open connections and active sessions, which in turn dramatically reduces the amount of resources required.

After D7 release, here is the updated for Java 7 support as of today

Content Server Version 7: Java Version 7 64 Bit supported

Documentum Admin Version 7: Java Version 7 supported

xPlore 1.3:  xPlore release notes only mention Java 7 for client browser to access the xPlore administration UI. However, the server (xDB included) uses Java 6 (1.6.0_31), Java 7 but it hasn’t been certified for this version.

Webtop: Version 6.7 SP2 (future within first half of 2013) will support D7 with DFC 6.7SP2 release, which I believe will support Java 7 as well.

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