Documentum DFS File Upload Limit

Documentum DFS has a default size limitation for uploading the large file. I believe it is 50 Mb. When you upload the large fie size like 60M, it gives java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.

But there is a way to bump up the maximum file size, using UCF mode to transfer the file. For the detail implementation, please refer DFS development guide

After refactored the code, the test for uploading 60MB file is very smooth.

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2 Responses to Documentum DFS File Upload Limit

  1. Rintu says:

    I am facing the outofmemoryerror when trying to upload a large file(80 mb) in documentum by DFS service.
    I went to the error log and find the error is occuring when we tried to set the file object. In our case
    File f = content.getasfile();
    I check the temp dir and can see the temp is created there, but when it try to load the file object f we are getting the issue.
    Is it something to do with the garbage collection or we have to change the heap size in startDFS.cmd. We tried to increase the heap size to 2048m but the dfs server fails to start. So after doing some hit and trial method we are abale to increase to 1600m.
    Please suggest.

  2. So if it’s 32-bit windows and 32-bit JVM, the max heap size is about 1.5gb since windows takes some in the middle and needs to be continuous. The 64-bit JVM at 64-bit Windows be a lot more.

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