SharePoint Server and Documentum Integration

There are three EMC products that can be used to integrate Documentum with SharePoint:

  1. MyDocumentum for SharePoint
  2. Repository Services for SharePoint
  3. SharePoint Documentum Framework (SDF)
Each product can meet the different need depending on the requirement. Here are some pros and cons of each product. 

MyDocumentum for SharePoint: Configure SharePoint  interface using Microsoft Portal Webpart to access the Documentum content server directly.


  • Provide Content Library Service, and the options for configuring functions and displaying folders and documents
  • Provide Simple Search and Advanced Search
  • Allows users to work from a single SharePoint UI


  • No business logic implemented within the UI
  • No software development kit
  • Search Documentum content only

Repository Services for SharePoint:  Centrally manage Sharepoint Content at the Documentum Repository.


  • No impact for SharePoint end-user experience
  • Drive mixed enterprise-wide business process
  • Reduction in SharePoint operating costs


  • Maintaining two copies meta both at Sharepoint SQL server and Documentum SQL server

SharePoint Documentum Framework: A customization framework that allow you to leverage most Documentum functionality within a SharePoint product


  • Providing Software Development Kits
  • Using Documentum Foundation Service (DFS) Extensions
  • Enable the user to add custom menu items at Sharepoint that can call DFS
  • Integrating with SharePoint workflows


  • Only sold as part of an implementation under EMC Professional Services agreement.
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