Security Alert CVE-2010-4476

Oracle issued Security Alert CVE-2010-4476. Documentum provides the script to automatically update the most Documentum products, but  xPlore search Engine has to be manually updated and there is a couple of steps we must follow.

Upgrade JDK for xPlore

1. Stop all services;
2. Copy <xPlore> to <xplore>.orig
3. Rename <xPlore>/jdk to <xPlore>/jdk.orig
4. Install jdk
For windows, get and extract to <xPlore>\jdk

5. Install jdk for jboss
rename <xPlore>/jboss4.3.0/jdk to <xPlore>/jboss4.3.0/jdk.orig
For 32 bit xPlore, copy <xplore>/jdk to <xPlore>/jboss4.3.0/jdk

6.Start your xPlore instance or index agent instance. Check that the new version of java is used by looking into the boot.log in <xPlore>/jboss4.3.0/server/<InstanceName>/log


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