Documentum Mobile

Mobile is a really hot topic. EMC has a Documentum Mobile product. Therefore we did some research on it.

The release of the Documentum Mobile Client solution consists of two components: Documentum Mobile Server and the EMC Documentum Mobile client. The client is available as a free download from Apple’s App Store and the Documentum Mobile Server is available for download on Powerlink.

A Mobile user is entitled to use Documentum Mobile with a Documentum Client named user and must be accompanied by a Documentum Platform named user license. The client named user can be any one or more licenses of: Webtop,  My Documentum, xCP User Bundle,  etc.

Customers will also need two additional components: the Thumbnail Server (provided with the platform) and the Documentum Mobile Server. These are the infrastructure components that support the instance of the mobile client.

The Documentum Mobile Client and Server are not free, they are additional entitlements included with Documentum Platform and Documentum Clients. The Mobile Client is a free download from Apple’s App Store but the user must still be licensed to use the product.

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